Welcome Back …

So, the blog is back! If you were a long time follower then welcome back. If you’ve only just discoverd this then, well, welcome for the first time!

This blog started way back in 2006 (and maybe even earlier); this was back in the days when people read things rather than just watched cat videos. I was inspired by great outdoor writing and by more humble (but as powerful) constributions as the Guardian’s daily Country Diary. I was also very much inspired by preparing for, and taking part in, my first TGO Challenge — the coast to coast walk across the Scottish Highlands.

Last year some confusion on behalf of my internet provider saw me loose my domain name, which was quickly snapped up by a company that then wanted £100 to get it back!  So, move on to today and the blog now has a new home.

In truth the blog wasn’t that active towards the end. This was because I’d found myself getting into a rut, posting the same kind of things over and over again. I wanted to get away from endless talk about gear and back to expressing my thoughts about self-powered movement across the landscape.

It might seem perverse to reboot a blog during the Covid-19 but it provides the ultimate opportunity to indulge in the exploration of the mind!

There will be some changes. Explore the posts and pages and you will find the full content here. But this collection of writing now exists as an archive. The commnts to posts have not made it into the new world — sorry if you posted some extremely informative information and witty retorts! However, you can post new comments to ay post that you want to respond or to ask more about.  I am also reclassifying the collection and the categories and tags will change. In the right handside bar you will find a post that will beupdated regularly which gives details about the re-indexing of the archive and how you can search through it.

if you have re-found me here, welcome back and thanks for visiting.


  1. Alistair Whitaker says

    Great to have you (and your thoughts) back Andy.
    I look forward to your posts in the future.

  2. I was just thinking about you this morning and wonder how you are. It’s the Thursday night we are normally in a hotel bar in some obscure Scottish village on the west coast full of anticipation,

    • I know — don’t. One day we will be doing tat again Shap! I’ve picked Torridon as my virtual start — I’m sure you were with me on that trip! Hope things are going well!

  3. John hee says

    Best of luck Andy. I finally added a new post to my blog at the start of the current shenanigans…but found the only responses were back via Facebook.

    I think those days of presenting a reasoned, informative and hopefully entertaining piece of reasably crafted writing, have passed us by now.

    But we brave few, the pioneers of the early days, were lucky then to have found something rather special and saw many positive outcomes for those readers who had curiosity and were prepared to think and engage.

    And we found kindred spirits.

    Now the desire is for spoonfed soundbite material.

    I’m pondering whether to refunction (?) my blog as a personal diary for trips, photo repository and the occasional rant for whomsoever might come across it.

    I guess the endgame is the same as it always has been for wildcampers… we do it because we want to, but we do it because we can.

    • That has been a thing for a while now. I can promote a link to Facebook or Twitter and people replythere, which means I miss both of them. And now, of course, we have You Tube which is now all powerful. But there is still a place for people who read!

      A few years ago I started ratcheting down the posts because of all of this. I’m not that interested in the numbers who come here — am just happy to engage with those people who have an attention span longer than 30 seconds 🙂

  4. May want to update the web link in your twitter feed Andy, as it sends you to someone else’s site.

    • Thanks Mark — one of the problems of updating!

    • Mark, can you point me in the direction of the Twitter link? Click on the Twitter button at the bottom of each post and it should just take you to your twitter page or at least a login page? Let’s see if we can fix it.

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