Lockdown Feet —Anyone Else Have This Zero Drop Thing?

I was just reading one of those articles about lockdown, you know the ones about things we don’t do or wear any more. One of the things we apparently don’t wear any more are shoes. And that’s certainly something that is a feature of my lockdown lif

Since lockdown began I have mostly stopped wearing shoes. I’ve worn a decent pair od shoes once and that was for a funeral. When I’m outside I wear one of two or three pairs of trail shoes. At home I’m just wearing sandals. Nope, there nothing expensive here just a pair of cheap plastic sandals/flip flops that I bought in Banbury TESCO while en route to the Cropredy Festival.

One thing about these sandals is that they are naturally zero drop, in other words the front and rear of your feet are at the same height — as if you were walking barefoot. This position is known as zero drop. These days my trail shoes of choice nearly always come from Altra, a company committed to building shoes along the zero drop principle.

I’m more than happy in my sandals. Sometimes I wear them to local shops but on any other excursion I have to swap them out for some other shoe. I’ve discovered that ‘real’  shoes are now unbearable. My non Altra shoes are now unbearable. When I say unbearable I mean that these shoes do actually feel uncomfortable sometimes to the extent that they are painful, or muscle painful.

The Altra shoes though remain ultra comfortable and the only reason why I can see that these work better than the other options is their zero drop design.

I’m now dreading having to wear real shoes again. Has anyone else had this experience?

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