Lockdown Feet —Anyone Else Have This Zero Drop Thing?

I was just reading one of those articles about lockdown, you know the ones about things we don’t do or wear any more. One of the things we apparently don’t wear any more are shoes. And that’s certainly something that is a feature of my lockdown lif

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So Good To Be Back (Up On The Hills Again)

IMG 0601

I didn’t rush to be one of the first back to the hills but it was finally good to take in a couple of days and an overnight wild camp. I needed to re-charge those memory batteries; I was beginning to forget what it was all about!

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Lockdown Life Blues

I have the spent the last few days rather bemused as the media shows pictures of beaches crowded with revellers basking in the sunshine. This now seems acceptable or at least there is maybe nothing that can be done about. However, four or five people camping wild in the Yorkshire Dales were treated more harshly when — at the very least — they seemed to be properly socially distancing. And then there are, of course, people who are happy to travel rather long distances while ill — but maybe I should quickly move on.

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Lockdown Life I

Almost everyone I speak to agree that lockdown is weird, that it is almost impossible to remember life as it was. But the lockdown experience seems to vary around the country. Here in the city of Birmingham there is almost no escape. But we have our parkland our riverside walks. And we have our imagination, the most powerful tool to use in transforming our less than perfect experiences.


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