Probably The Best Stakes Ever …

I thought a lot before resurrecting this blog. In 2020 does anybody actually read anything anymore? Does the written word still work in the way it did? Is even the still photo obsolete in the face of the onslaught from YouTube?

For years I’ve spent time with Bob Cartwright over at the Outdoor Station and have watched him use new media to enhance vlogs, features, reviews and so on. In so many ways Bob was years ahead of his time. I remember we once took a couple of days on the trail to try and work out how you could generate an income in order to facilitate the development of new material.

it was very difficult back then for many reasons. But since then video equipment has got lighter and lighter to the point that it is now possible to spend half a year on something like the Pacific Quest Trail and vlog as you go. You can now carry equipment that is both duper light and capable of professional results. The other major development has been that of YouTube income, essentially youtube sharing with you the advertising income that has been derived from views of your videos.

The explosion of trekking vlogs is something to be welcomed and it really does add to the outer experience. Thankfully the quality of these vlogs had improved massively but as always there are downsides, not least the tendency of some ‘fan boys and girls’ to set out to get freebies from manufactures to ‘evaluate’ in the field. I’m not suggesting this practice is wrong but it needs to be very carefully considered; thankfully the best practitioners are amongst the most popular.  But mixing commercial promotion with opinion is not without problems.

But at the best end of the scale there are now serious trekkers who are beginning to understand make make this stuff work and hopefully people ill continue value their judgement over that of some person who gets review sample tents and silly puts them up in the same old field!

But what’s this to do with tent pegs I hear you cry? Why is he rambling again?

Well, this caught my eye the other day and it made me smile. Here is a video from Darwin on the Trail — one of the best of the outdoor YouTubers (check him out).

Darwin bought a Tarp Tent which he kind of liked but what he really, reallyliked were the stakes that go with it!

I’m glad somebody else has had the same experience. The stakes bundle with TarpTents are Easton Aluminum Nano Stakes and to argue against myself for a moment these are awesome stakes!

Darwin shows inhale video a series of other stakes that didn’t pass muster or bent or broke. Easton stakes are both remarkably effective and remarkably tough. I can tell Darwin that they do break though. But on the plus side, I was using them on an overnight a coulee of nights ago. The Tramplight Shelter requires 6 pegs and I only have three Eastons left now — but they are still ay better than the others stakes I had to choose from.

i feel somehow touched that myself — of the old codger old media world — can agree with one of the new multi media guys on the block.

In the UK you can find these stakes at:

Valley and Peak or Google as others seem to have them in stock from time to time.


Finally, to triangulate this view my old mate Phil Turner waxes lyrical about them on walkhighlands — and if they are happy with them then so am I!

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