Reviewing Terry Abraham and his Stunning Films

I seem to have become the person who is known for reviewing Terry Abraham’s films. The latest review, of Terry’s film on Upper Eskdale — featuring David Powell Thompson — is in the current edition of TGO, or The Great Outdoors.

Terry tends to give me little clips to watch of the film that he is currently editing. The next one up in the Life of the Mountain series features Blencathra. You can see some of these clips on Terry’s blog which (mercifully) has moved from his old site on to Facebook —

Terry tells me he has some great plans for 2016, some of which will ‘blow my mind’.

Terrys’ films are quite extraordinary in both their depth and the way they invoke the hidden spirits of the hills. If Santa has delivered some some gift vouchers this Christmas I can’t think of a better way to spend them  — see the Facebook page!

Review: Tramplite Shelter

Camp at Loch Osian.

Tramplite Shelter with beak half open, pitched on the shores of Loch Ossian

In the ten years and more that I have been writing this blog I have never had as much interest shown in a piece of gear as I have over Colin Ibbotson’s Tramplite Shelter. From the moment that this shelter arrived through the post, readers have been badgering me to produce a review. On this year’s TGO Challenge I thought about charging for guided tours of the shelter it was that popular.

The Challenge gave me the opportunity to evaluate the shelter over a multi day hike. It also gave me the opportunity to compare notes with three other Tramplite owners, most notably Shap McConnell.

So, how does the shelter measure up?

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