Using The Archive

Restoring a blog as large as this one is a major task — the first post of over 2,000 was made in 2006. A number of readers have asked if they can have access to this archive and so I am doing so, but access to various functions will  depend on the time I have to implement change. However, the changes will be logged here!

Posts and Pages

Both the archive of posts and that of special pages is now here. I have not imported the comments to this material as (in the most part) these eihter don’t add much or are too focused in the past. However, you comment afresh on any of these posts and I will respond asap.

Categories and Tags

Traditionally WordPress was organised thrpough categories. I am re-structuring the list of categories but this will take time. In the meantime you can always use the search  bar in the right hand column to search for, say, ‘Pyrenees’ or ‘Scotland’ or ‘Review’. As I update this — and graduate to using tags more — I will log these changes here.

URL Problems or ‘Not Found’

There is a mass of content here and often it is accessed through a URL. I am updating these but, again, it will take time!

If you have this problem simply go to the URL bar inyour browser and replace with  A bit messy but everything should then work. I am editing these though so normal service should be resumed soonish!


The log of changes can be found in the Menu Bar above!